What's the purpose of the Robotics Learning?

The Robotics Learning uses the motivational effects of robotics to teach math, science, engineering, and technological literacy.

Why Robotics?

It should come as no surprise that numerous studies have proven that students are most likely to learn when they are engaged in the learning process. Robots that magically make decisions on their own fascinate children; therefore they are engaging.

As students design, build, and program an autonomous robot they are exposed to advanced math, science, and technology concepts. Instead of trying to master these academic concepts out of context, they learn them in real-world situations; they are required to apply them over and over again. This allows students to build associations between things they know and things they are learning, which makes it easier to rebuild the knowledge months or years later when they need to use it again. Robots are cool, kids like them!

As students are able to make cross-discipline connections they will synthesize new knowledge for themselves and begin to understand how science and technology control the world they live in. All academic concepts are introduced to students in a ¡°hands-on mind-on¡± inquiry based activity format that students are able to understand.

All classes reinforces the following standards:

1. Systems, Order, and Organization
2. Evidence, Models, and Explanation
3. Constancy, Change, and Measurement
4. Evolution and Equilibrium
5. Form Follows Function
6. Content standards A, B, and C

1. Measurement
2. Problem Solving
3. Reasoning and Proof
4. Geometry
5. Communications
6. Connections

1. The Nature of Technology
2. Design

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